Corrugated Art: Ambrosia the Giraffe

I have used a variety of materials as the base for the cardboard art. I had access to some very sturdy foam board signs that I upcycled for art. I came across a piece of one of these signs that was sort of scrap, long and narrow in shape. I thought “Hey, this would make a good giraffe!” And so, Ambrosia came to be.

I went through various photos of baby giraffes to find the look I wanted for this piece. I love the big brown eyes and thick lashes, and I knew I wanted to capture that look for this piece.

Sometimes when I pick a new animal to draw, paint or sculpt in cardboard, I’m surprised by how “weird” they are. The shape of a giraffe’s head, how the ossicones (“horns”) come out of the top of their head – it’s all kind of odd when you start trying to put it down on paper. That was probably my biggest challenge in assembling her.

This is one of the pieces where I used some of the smooth cardboard, as well. I didn’t limit it just to the corrugation. I think it creates an interesting mix. For example, I wanted to create the feeling that the inside of the ears were a bit shaggier than the outside.

It took me a little while to come up with the pattern and colors for the coat. One of the tricky things with my cardboard animals is that I’m not really going for photorealism, but I do want them to be somewhat realistic. So, there is some degree of artistic license taken with these little beasts, but I do love how this one came out. I felt like she had charm and personality, and her name “Ambrosia” just sort of came to me as I was finishing her up.

This was also the first piece that I got help from my husband in creating a custom frame for her. I wanted the piece to be framed, but I hated to put glass or acrylic over the top of her, since the texture of the 3D pieces is part of the charm for me. The frame is natural wood and creates a sort of shadow box effect.

I’m super pleased with this one, and everyone who meets her loves her!

Ambrosia – Cardboard & Acrylic Paint – SOLD


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