Pet Portrait: Shelby, Lacy & Shyla


Another Christmas of 2014 pet portrait commission. This special portrait included their current pups and one they had lost. I love doing portraits like this, bringing the whole fur family together, past and present.

This a colored pencil portrait on 11×14 bristol board. It was also one that made me decide that more than two pets on 11×14 is a bit too snug. I like the pets to be big enough to get some good detail, and I kind of feel like I need to cram them in too much on smaller paper. I’ve since added a larger sized 14×17 option for multiple pets.

As far as the colored pencil goes, I am happy with how this one came out. I managed to avoid getting carried away with the layers of color and kept the lighter pencil feel that I like. This was a fun combination of colors to do, though I think the liver colored Lacy was my favorite. I’m also a big fan of spaniels, which made this one fun!



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