Corrugated Art: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves by Tricia Griffith I have a bit of catching up to do here with the works created over the last year. We’ll start out with this Autumn Leaves set. It was created for a special winter exhibit in November and December 2014 at The Rock & Art Shop in Bangor, Maine called “All Small”. All the participating artists received three six by six inch wood art blocks to create whatever artwork we liked. I decided to experiment with the cardboard 3D art for this exhibit.

10659136_10152735910552356_2410146723214438179_nFor the leaves, I played a bit with the direction of the corrugation of the cardboard to represent the natural pattern of the veins and contours of the leaves’ serrations or lobes.

I learned the hard way on this one that I really need to apply a layer of white gesso over the top of the cardboard before I paint it, or else it absorbs the acrylic paint and the color is less vibrant. Once that was corrected, the colors were much better!

10368228_10152774861272356_2002741547230652868_nThe finished pieces represent Oak Leaves, Birch Leaves, and Maple Leaves, decked out in their autumn colors. The birch leaves have a light yellow-green tone with a red-orange background. The maple leaves have a purplish background to complement the orange-red of the leaves. The oak leaves float on a blue-green pond surface.

The originals of this set are still available. Feel free to contact me for details!



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