Corrugated Art: Great Blue Heron

great blue heron in progressThis Great Blue Heron was my second adventure into making a 3D corrugated art piece. I did the tree first, to kind of get the feel for what I was doing with the cardboard, its corrugation, and the assorted layers. I new that what I wanted to be able to do with the heron might be a bit tricky to just dive into unawares.

With the tree I went a little crazy using many small bits of random sized cardboard. For the heron, I decided to go with more planned pieces and shapes, including deciding what direction the corrugation would go, to kind of simulate the direction of feathers and the wing. great blue heron cardboard art

For the fringe feathers I took a sheet of the cardboard peeled off the corrugation and cut it into the rough shape I was looking for. I then attached it by one edge and painted it white. I used scissors to slice the sheets of cardboard into the fringe-like feathers.

Added touches include the cattails and a little texturizing medium to create a bit of “depth” in the water the heron is wading in. Painting took a bit of time, given all the little detail bits, but the final result came out quite well, I think!

This original is sold!


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